Mar 19

BIRDWELL VENTURES LTD is a service oriented company duly registered under the Kenya Companies Act CAP 486, with a primary mandate of ensuring efficient cargo clearance and to offer comprehensive logistics solutions to its clients. The company has an elaborate business network that enables us to deliver on our mandate with its headquarters in Nairobi’s Vision plaza Rm No.13 located along Mombasa road; in addition to this, the company also has a branch office in Mombasa at Cotts house, 3rd fl and it’s located along Moi Avenue. It also has a number of sub-branch offices in major boarder stations e.g. Kisumu, Malaba, Namanga and Busia.
BIRDWELL VENTURES LTD is mandated within the law to offer the following services in Ocean freight, Airfreight and Road freight;

Cargo Clearing and Forwarding

The Company acts as a link between Kenya Revenue Authority and its clients to undertake the clearance of cargo in accordance
to the stipulated regulation and standards. We assist our clients in processing customs documents, facilitation of customs
procedure, processing of shipping documents and ensuring strict adherence to the standard set within the logistics industry. Under this mandate we handle Import, Exports, Transit and Warehoused cargo, it’s our main objective that we clear our client’s cargo within the stipulated lead time thus saving our clients from incurring storage and demurrage costs.

Shipping Services

The Company operates as an agent to various Shipping/Airlines lines by offering a variety of services as agreed with the main shipping line/Airlines. Our services include cargo /passenger reservations, cargo tallying services and ship chandelier. We offer these services in accordance to the regulations set by Kenya Maritime Authority (KMA) and IATA. It’s our main objective that our clients receive satisfactory services in shipping /air services.

Cargo Consolidation

The Company offers cargo consolidation/beak bulk services for Imports, Export and Transit. We undertake safe delivery of LCL cargo by processing all the relevant documents for cargo clearance through our vast business network with the relevant authorities i.e. shipping lines and Kenya revenue authority.

Consultancy Services

The Company has initiated a wing in its management that is mandated to provide comprehensive information on Imports,
Exports and Transit at an agreeable fee. We will be offering consultancy services by issuing information on customs
procedures, Cargo clearing procedures, Importation/Exportation procedures, Documentation required for cargo clearance and finally logistics solutions to our clients.


The Company offers transportation services and our main objective is to provide the best possible services available along with competitive pricing. We have a fleet of ten trucks operating within Kenya and the East Africa region.
BIRDWELL VENTURE LIMITED is geared towards offering comprehensive logistics solutions to its clients through the above services. By offering these services we are creating a one stop shop for our clients where they will find their entire logistics needs under one roof. This assists the organization in maintaining a good clientele base and to consolidate revenue.

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