Mar 19

Our company is established on seven main pillars with our main objective being;
“ To offer efficient cargo clearance within the stipulated lead time and ensure the observation of all the regulations provided by the key players in the industry’’

The following are the pillars in which our company operates;

  • Integrity and professionalism
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Adherence to law, regulations and standards
  • Time and efficiency
  • Team work
  • Good customer/public relations
  • Social responsibility

Infrastructure Personel

Management team has a wide experience of over fifteen years in freight operations, cargo handling, imports, exports, transit, transport and logistics in general. We handle an average of five hundred containerized cargo and average of three hundred loose cargo in a month.


Our work’s efficiency can be confirmed and ascertained from any of the below named companies.

  • LABCHEM LIMITED P. O.BOX 50412-00200 NAIROBI TEL: +254-206537476.
  • CARMAX LTD P.O.BOX 41044-00100 NAIROBI TEL: 07226063293.
  • BAYLEM LTD P. O. BOX 12258 – 00400 NAIROBI TEL:020-3861781/3

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