We are a specialized firm with a core team of highly skilled professionals focusing on Customs, Excise and Domestic tax matters.

Discover our Tax Consultancy & Advisory Services

We know that keeping with the ever changing World of global Tax administration, dealing with tax matters can be complex and challenging. That’s why we are there for you to guide you as your tax needs changes. We are able tax professions who have the expertise to provide the support and advice you need.

Our tax practice is manned by seasoned professionals who are familiar with all aspects relating to tax matters in the region. Many have prior experience working with the Kenya Revenue Authority and use this expertise to deliver the greatest value to our clients. The range of services provided includes;

  • Refund and rebate audits.
  • Applying for tax exemption for qualified clients.
  • Tax due diligence reviews.
  • Advisory on Tax dispute and litigation.
  • Advice to expatriate employees in Kenya.
  • Advice clients on clear and practical tax planning solutions to help mange tax exposure.
  • On boarding tax advice to entities wishing to establish in Kenya.
  • In house Tax training and clients updates.
  • Undertaking lobbies for the amendment/review of tax legislation.

We act for clients who are ready to meet our high standard of integrity, will comply with the tax laws and are transparent with the tax authority. We do not promote artificial tax planning structures and we comply with tax laws and regulations. We contribute to the development of tax policies in various ways.

“We enjoy what we do and look forward to working with you”

In the current business climate of tighter border protection and security, Customs regulations are changing fast. Our team will work with you to navigate the complex trade issues, giving you the ability to be more competitive in the market and gain positive relationship with Customs & border Control and other Government Agency compliance.

Our Customs consulting includes:

  • Strategic customs planning and advisory for optimizing resources.
  • Harmonized system tariffs for validating the proper classification of goods.
  • Customs valuation regulation reviews to ensure that all goods have been correctly valued.
  • Preferential trade agreement and tariff treatments reviews to ensure respective rates of duty have been applied to your goods.
  • Providing oversight assistance with customs audits and Customs disputes.
  • Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) support to prepare clients for authorization in supply chain security programmes.
  • We process Customs exemptions and other duty suspension schemes on behalf of clients.
  • Excise and Customs warehousing and continued compliance within the regimes and their regulations.
  • Recommendations for controls, procedures and checks and balances that can be implemented within your business to store Customs information and report back on your cross border activity
  • Education, training and communication mechanisms that allow you to stay current with customs regulations.

“We are truly talented team of Customs Experts, We take complexity out of Customs and We assist in managing your Customs tax affairs in an efficient and compliant manner”.